Tamper proof packaging - what's the choice?

Supplier: Get Packed - Packaging
15 September, 2016

At Get Packed we like to supply not only products but solutions. In the days of online purchasing where everything is mailed to customers we need to provide customers with certain assurances.

At Get Packed we have a range of solutions to suit a range of applications - all to provide your customers with assurances that their product remains untouched.

Shrink Sleeves
As far as a customer is concerned it just shows them that no-one before them has opened this container or jar and that the contents are secure. If you view the video you'll see this is a simple process that anyone can do. A shrink sleeve is a clear tamper proof seal put over the top of jars, bottles or containers that, through the use of heat (heat gun/ shrink tunnel) has been 'shrunk' to provide a secure seal. Shrink sleeves can be pre-cut, perforated or non-perforated and come in a range of widths. It can be done in low volumes and by hand, or in large volumes using a shrink tunnel. Custom colouring or printing is also available.

Clear Circle Labels
These can be used simply as a sticker to provide a professional looking finish to packaging, or as a form of tamper evidence. Clear circle labels are available as is - or perforated (star cut perforation). If using the perforated labels then if removed they break apart makeing any tampering or attempt at opening obvious.

Security Tape
This tape is ideal to seal cartons, boxes or any package where it requires ultimate assurances that the item has not been opened. Essentially, this clear tape is irremovable from its package, and is emblazoned with the words "Void Fraud Opened". The tape is placed over the item to be sealed and then the protective lining is removed leaving the tamper evident layer behind.

As an alternative to security tape there is also printed tape. These can be purchased with standard messages such as 'Fragile', but can also be custom printed with your chosen message. Eg, Inspected, Quality Assured.

Shurtuff Mailer Bags
These courier bags - named as they are most commonly used to package soft items like clothing purchased online - are made of a multi-layered polyolefin film that is tear and puncture resistant with a self sealing tamper resistant seal. Any tampering is obvious, as being tear and puncture resisitant, it is impossible to open one of these bags without it being obvious. Once again, any customer receiving an item in this courier bag can rest assured that it has been untouched since leaving the supplier warehouse.

'RoundTrip' Shurtuff Mailers are now also available with the added benefit of enabling your customers to return goods (wrong size or colour) in the same bag as they have a second seal (peel and seal) available to re-seal the bag.

Shrink Film
Whilst shrink film is commonly used to simply bundle items together, it is also used to provide a secure seal of plastic packaging around a product. Selling or supplying an item that has a plastic film that has been heat shrinked not only provides a professional looking finish and enables labels to be attached to the packaging without damaging the item - it also assures your customer that everything within the package is intact. For example - game consoles, CD's and DVD's, bundled items like gift hampers - if the customer has purchased this then they are assured that everything they've paid for is there.

To discuss what form of protective tamper proof packaging would work best for you please contact one of our staff for assistance. Otherwise please follow the links on each item for more information. Get Packed has secure on-line shopping capabilities for your ease.

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