Proof Load Testing with BVA Hydraulics Pad Eye Testers

21 Dec 2021

Why is Proof Load Testing important?

Testing the anchorage points for rigging is often overlooked and during a load movement operation are potential risks.

What is a pad eye tester?

Pad eye testers are used in instances where the pad eye is deck mounted, attached to an equipment basket, in a hard to reach location, inaccessible or with limited headroom to allow for the use of water bags. 

Pad Eye Testers prevent incidents

In 2010, the 85t 'A' frame of the Cormorant collapsed on to the deck while being lifted into position. The metallurgical examination stated
that the preventer pads appeared to have failed in response to a fracture force, which calculations suggest was an order of magnitude
greater than the normal rigging load. Fortunately, no one was hurt but the company had to stop the activity of the vessel during the
investigation and the reparation of the boat. A long time of inactivity that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Pad Eye Testing Regulation

Load testing on pad eyes is an essential component of compliance with industry authorities and helps optimize the safety of the entire project. Pad eyes shall be constructed with a safety factor relative to the safe working load (SWL):
SWL Safety Factor
Up to 5 tonnes 

From 5 to 20 tonnes  1.75
Above 20 tonnes 1.5
BVA Hydraulics Pad Eye Testers comply with ASME B30.1 load testing requirements. BVA Hydraulics’ inventory includes 20, 30 and 60-ton pad eye testers. In addition, all Pad Eye Testers come equipped with a BVA Hydraulics hand pump and a calibrated pressure gauge.

BVA Hydraulic Pad Eye tester’ features

  • Portable. Cast Iron Handles allow for easy transportation
  • Versatile. Test lift points in upright, inverted, or horizontal applications
  • Job-site ready. Include high-pressure hand pump and accessories
  • Strong. High-Strength Steel

Application Scenarios

Pad eye tester hydraulics are primarily used for lifting or tie-down applications on:

  • Marine vessels
  • Oil rigs
  • and many more applications