Intelligent vacuum gripper systems

Unigripper is an intelligent vacuum gripper system that incoporates unique, patented technology which can automatically sense the load and apply vacUum only where it is needed.

This enables one gripper to accommodate many different loads and products, even empty pallets, without any changeover or downtime.

The Unigripper intelligent vacuum gripper system takes automated handling to the next level through it's ability to handle a variety of product with a single tool.

For instance, in palletising operations the Unigripper can pick and place singles, rows and complete layers of product onto a pallet. The same tool can also position the intermediate slip sheets between each layer of product, plus bring in a new empty pallet when needed, all with no stoppage or downtime.

Unigrippers can be built to any size and incorporates a series of vacuum holes, each with a patented valve system which automatically detects the product and applies vacuum only where it is needed. For large items all valves may be open, whereas as smaller item may need only a few valves to open, all automatically.

Available in a standard module system (SMS) with and without integrated vacuum ejectors, or as complete custom built units to suit specific applications, there is a Unigripper for every handling task.

Unigrippers are also available in several task specific configurations, for instance:

  • LayerGripper for complete layers of product (cans, cartons, tubs etc)
  • BottleGripper for complete layers of bottles (full, empty, PET and glass)
  • WingGripper for distribution centres where mixed layers are processed
  • CoilGripper for handling coils of steel, paper, cardboard etc

Unigripper has application in virtually all industries and is supported by a complete range of accessory products such as vacuum systems, rotary vacuum joints, floating attachments, robot interface and side clamp bars.

If you are looking for a highly productive, flexible gripper system contact Romheld Australia for more details, application examples or a demonstration of the Unigripper at your plant or visit the Unigripper website at

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