Vacuum Sealers | V.300 Customer Reviews

Vacuum Sealers | V.300

"Our lava v300 lives up to and surpasses its promise "a purchase for life". The pump is incredibly powerful and the build quality is amazing. I love the adjustable pressure feature but the best feature of this great vacuum pump are the Australian based folks who provide the pre/post sales support. Michael and his team are passionate and dedicated to their products. They are super responsive and of course, their 5 year warranty says it all! No hesitation recommending LAVA - our whole family loves this product"

-Tim Hughes


"After 2 cheap vacuum sealers which didn’t last for long, I wanted to have a good one from a company who offer some service. All I found were just selling platforms that didn’t even stock the products and when contacting them, they didn’t call back or didn’t know much about vacuum packing. Lava is one of the few companies who offer service. Finally, I bought the v300 white and I am totally satisfied so far. It is much heavier and faster than my old machines. I like their bags as well. They keep tight, even in the freezer. What else can I say? You get what you pay for!"

-Nonopa Zozo


"Thanks for your great service. My V.300 White vacuum sealer and the bags from you are awesome!"

-Shiori Akutsu


"I‘ve bought the LAVA Premium V.300 in December 2018 and I‘m very satisfied with the vacuum sealer, the vacuum bags the service and support. I do use it within my restaurant and we are very experienced but never have had an engine like the LAVA V.300! I do recommend the company and their products to anyone who is in need for a professional vacuum sealer for business use!"

-Dirk Gerrard


"I found choosing a vacuum packaging machine to be rather difficult, and, unfortunately, I bought the wrong machine. And because my $420 machine doesn’t have controlled vacuuming (or pulse even) I want a LAVA (V300) because once you realise that the 'hype' about vacuum packaging is actually true you want a machine with full functionality. Regardless, I switched from my machine’s relatively expensive bags to LAVA’s equally good bags and rolls which are much better value for money. I also have five of LAVA’s vacuum containers which are really handy, and the universal lids are a must-have. LAVA’s products are great quality, the service is fantastic, and my four orders (so far) have all been shipped on the day I ordered them. My best advice is to be very careful which machine you buy because the whole vacuuming process depends on the quality and functionality of your machine."

-Aiden Weston