9 Best Vacuum Seal Bags & Rolls

02 Mar 2021

Wanna buy the best Vacuum Seal Bags & Rolls? STOP spending money on throw-away stuff & find Australia’s best value Vacuum Seal Bags & Rolls. Far more than 50 different vacuum sealer bags & rolls!

  • R-Vac Structured (Standard) Vacuum Seal Bags

  • RS-Vac Extra-Strong Vacuum Seal Bags

  • Z-Vac 50 x Zipper-Bags

  • A-Vac Dry-Aging Vacuum Seal Bags

  • 50 Black Vacuum Seal Bags (25 x 30cm)

  • E-Vac Structured (Standard) Vacuum Seal Rolls

  • ES-Vac Extra-Strong Structured Vacuum Seal Rolls

  • I-Vac Extra-Strong EMI Shielding ESD Vacuum Seal Bags

  • K-Vac (Metallised) Vacuum Seal Bags

Our vacuum seal foils are manufactured in Switzerland and meet the strictest guidelines. The structure embossed on one side of the film allows any vacuum sealer (no matter which brand) to vacuum quickly. In addition, thanks to the particularly fine structure, liquid components on the goods are not so quickly sucked up toward the bag opening.


All LAVA vacuum foils are manufactured exclusively in Switzerland under the strictest guidelines.

-> TRUST the original.

The vacuum seal bags will have the closest contact with your food!

All manufacturers advertise that their bags are BPA-free. Every company does that now. However, what is up with softeners and other dangerous ingredients? We guarantee that our bags are free of any plasticiser and also free of polyethylene glycol, talc, silica, Polyoxyethylene sorbitan, E1521, E553b, E551, E432, among others.


The LAVA E-Vac and R-Vac Vacuum Sealer Foils are absolutely airtight, fit for both freezer and refrigerator, food-safe, tasteless and odourless, microwave and cooking-bag suitable and dishwasher ready; therefore, you can reuse them at any time.

Our bags retain their properties in cold and heat and do not pass any ingredients to the food even under extreme temperature fluctuations.


-> LAVA Vacuum Seal Foils are food-safe, tasteless & odourless!

-> They are suitable for storage in cooling and freezing environments for at least 2 years

-> The microwave and boiling bags are suited for temperatures up to 95° C

-> They are perfectly suitable for Sous-Vide Low-Temperature Cooking.


Before you buy any other vacuum bag, please ask yourself the following questions:

-> Do other vacuum sealer bag suppliers also meet the above mentioned high standards?

-> Where does your supplier produce the foils? Asian foils can contain dangerous ingredients!

-> If you are not sure, don’t risk your health and TRUST the original!


No recycled materials are used in the production of LAVA Vacuum Sealer Bags or Rolls. GUARANTEED!

-> LAVA: You get what you pay for!