NEW - Vacuum Zipper Bags by LAVA

01 Mar 2021

NEW - Vacuum Zipper Bags by LAVA

It is important to avoid food waste, while proper storage plays a significant role. To make food last longer and still be flexible, the LAVA food vacuum bags with zipper closure are the perfect solution. Healthy nutrients are retained longer, so vegetables and Co stay fresh and healthy longer.

The Z-Vac vacuum zipper bags are multi-purpose and universally applicable, which makes them environmentally friendly. A sustainable product, through quality and longevity.

Z-Vac is the new vacuum bag from LAVA. With the practical zipper closure, the bag can be easily opened and closed again. The Z-Vac bags bring all the benefits of lava vacuum packaging. They keep food fresh longer and preserve vitamins and flavor during storage. The zipper bag is also ideal for on the go. It can be processed with all LAVA series vacuum sealers. As always, sustainability is high on the list of lava products. The zipper vacuum seal bags Z-Vac are easy and hygienic to clean in the dishwasher and reusable. Please note that vacuuming is not possible after the first opening.

Food waste and packaging waste pollute the environment. Proper storage makes food more edible and keeps nutrients fresh. So ends up less in the bin. Zipper vacuum bag Z-Vac by LAVA are particularly flexible and reusable by the zipper lock. A sustainable product that not only protects food but also the environment through quality and longevity.