Wheelbarrows from Richmond Wheels and Castors

Supplier: Richmond Wheel & Castor Co
17 October, 2012

Richmond Wheels and Castors offers their expertise and range of wheelbarrows for a variety of applications for builders, bricklayers, render landscapers, gardeners or handy persons.

Richmond presents their expertise in wheel selections, such as advising the right type of wheels to suit particular jobs. A wide wheel ensures a safer transit of good, as well as better balance in sandy and unstable ground conditions.

Wheelbarrows with steel tray models are ideal for carrying rocks, bricks, sand, tiles, pavers and concrete. They are most commonly used by bricklayers for shovelling loads or mixing materials together when required. Steel trays are more resilient compared to a shovel and can handle more abrasive loads.

Wheelbarrows with plastic trays are designed for carrying plaster, mulch, mud, sand and are suited for around the home.

Richmond Wheels and Castors offers a range of wheelbarrows, which can be customised to specific applications with optional puncture proof wheels and full range of spare tubes and tyres.