Washable castors to comply with strict hygiene regulations

Certain operating conditions require castors to be washable. Strict hygiene regulations apply in hospitals and commercial kitchens, for example.

In these areas, any mobile equipment used will also have to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning is usually carried out under high pressure and at a high temperature. If castors are not washable, they may corrode.


Properties of washable castors

Hospitals, in particular, often have automatic washing systems, which operate rather like a car wash. Hospital beds, for example, are simply pushed in and then thoroughly disinfected and cleaned. To ensure that the hospital bed castors can withstand this, they are made of high-quality chrome-plated sheet steel and components made of stainless steel. The bearings, in particular, are at risk during cleaning. Washable castors are therefore sealed to prevent water and cleaning agents from entering the bearings. If washable castors are used, it is important that the fitting is also sealed. This must be taken into account when the equipment is purchased and is the responsibility of the respective manufacturer.


TENTE wheels: Washable and stainless

Selected TENTE castors are washable, stainless and electrically conductive. The castors with a polyamide wheel centre and a polyurethane tread have sealed precision ball bearings. A stainless-steel housing also ensures improved corrosion resistance. These castors, for example, are available in the TENTE Integral bed castor series, which has been continuously developed since 1950 and has already received awards for its design.

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