Acrylic Sneeze Guards at Harry’s Café de Wheels

07 Apr 2021

Acrylic Sneeze Guards at Harry’s Café de Wheels

Harry’s Café de Wheels is an iconic Australian brand. The original pie cart is located on Cowper Wharf Road in Woolloomooloo, Sydney. They are best known for their famous “Tiger Pie” a type of Australian meat pie named after the original founder of Harry’s as well as the hot dogs introduced I the 70’s to appease American sailors. In recent years the Harry’s brand has launched various outlets in Sydney and Newcastle.

Against the backdrop of Covid-19, Harry’s Wetherill Park approached Allplastics seeking for way to maintain business operations whilst simultaneously ensuring safe practices. In response, to this issue, which is largely universal in the current climate, our team has fabricated custom made clear acrylic sneeze guards. The guards minimize the transmission of air particles, protecting employees, customers and supplies. They can also be crafted with unbreakable polycarbonate and customised to fit the specific needs of your school, venue, shop, vehicle etc.

If, like Harry’s Café de Wheels, you too would like to continue operations with peace of mind, contact our team! Allplastics is more than happy to discuss and meet your unique needs in this post-COVID era.


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