JIREH Pit Gauge: Unboxing Video Review

Supplier: Russell Fraser Sales NDT By: Russell Fraser Sales
13 December, 2018

Check out Russell Fraser Sales' new in-house NDT product review video of the JIREH Pit Gauge for surface inspection.

Video Transcript:

Hi guys, I'm Paul from Russell Fraser Sales. Today we're going to be having a look at what's in the box with the JIREH extendable arm pit gauge. So here we have the pit gage - they all come in this little carry case. Inside you'll find everything you have all your warranty and certification information and here we have the gauge itself.

So I've got four extendable arms. You've got your single sided holder and your double sided holder. So the great thing about this is how easy it is to connect the extendable arms. So they have this ball bearing and screw system. Very simple for it to just lock into place. That's all it takes. This is the four arm version there are two and a six-armed versions as well. As you can see it goes together very simply.

Now if you're going up to the edge of a world or something and you want to approach it from just one side it is very simple to swap it over - a little single pit gage mode. Screw it into place and then once again the arms just screw in.

And then as usual inches and millimeters, zeroing of the probe and the on/off button. Very simple to use all this is available from Russell Fraser Sales. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.