The Dash Mounted Fuel Gauge - Did You Know?

01 Dec 2020

The FG2 fuel gauge is a self-powered 4 – 20 mA dash mountable instrument with a low flow alarm and an impact resistant, aluminium extruded housing.



  • High contrast LCD display on a reflective background
  • 5 digits at 12.5mm high
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Viewing distance of 5 metres


  • User selectable decimal point
  • User programmable in engineering units
  • Adjustable low fuel alarm
    • Blue LED indication
    • Audible buzzer


  • Dashboard mount enclosure
  • Dash mount cut out of 93mm wide by 45mm high
  • Impact resistant aluminium extruded housing

Power Supply

  • Accepts 4- 20 mA input
  • Loop powered
  • Pluggable screw terminal electrical connection