Buses Drive On With Innovec's FG4 Fuel Gauge

08 Sep 2020

Manufacturers are increasingly turning to reliable and simple to use Innovec products. Here is an example of such as it is used on State buses throughout Australia.

Customer challenge 

The FG4, in many ways, is the antecedent to a much older Innovec product, the FG2. Although it has been updated numerous times since, the FG2 was originally sold for a buses contract in preparation for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Subsequently, the FG2 has been highly sought after by state transportation organisations throughout Australia.

In mid-2015, Innovec was approached by the NSW STA (State Transit Authority) about replacing an ageing model which was over-heating under the strain of the heat. As this was installed in natural gas-powered buses, this was deemed unacceptable to the STA.

Product solution 

To solve this problem, the Innovec development team took the existing model it was replacing and modified the FG2 to fit, but in so doing, created an entirely new product to suit the needs of the STA buses.

The FG4 was equipped with an encapsulated power supply module that would operate from 18-36 volts (much more advanced than the ageing model). The FG4 also has a multiplex display which equates to a lower power need, and thus ran much cooler. This means the display is constantly actually pulsing although it appears constant, this combined with a revised structural design of the instrument allows for an altogether cooler instrument, resistant to the harsh Australian sun!

Results achieved 

A cool running system is an essential asset for natural gas-run buses, they have a limited range, and need an accurate display and a reliable alarm system so as to avoid being left on low fuel away from a refueling station. Especially for an agency as accountable as the STA, reliability is a crucial aspect of why they turned to Innovec.