A Programmable Printing Totaliser - Did You Know?

IPT - Product
IPT - Product
13 Nov 2020

The IPT is commonly installed on trucks due to its efficient ability to totalise flow and subsequently print a docket describing and proving the delivery for both the client and operator.

The Innovec Controls IPT is a programmable printing totaliser with CE conformance, that is a low cost high performance solution to it's applications. The docket printed by the instrument display a number usefully information, including; batch total, accumulated total, job name, time and date. The IPT has a range of features, like an optional batching function built into the unit upon request.

More IPT Features:


  • High contrast LCD display with green backlight
  • 2 lines of 16 characters each
  • Impact dot matrix printer with 40 characters


  • Touch switch calibration of:
    • Decimal point
    • K factor
    • Real time clock
    • Set point
    • Truck number and name
    • Truck owner name
    • Units of measurement (Kg, Litres, Gallons, etc.)
  • Background accumulated total
  • Option to print a double ticket (copy for client and operator)


  • Panel mount enclosure of 144mm x 144mm

Power Supply

  • Universal VAC (47-63Hz) supply
  • 10-40 VDC isolated supply
  • 8-20 VDC adjustable sensor supply
  • Pluggable screw terminal electrical connection