Pallet wrap or pallet bags - what's the difference?

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23 May, 2018

Many people will wrap a pallet using pallet stretch wrap, but then others use Pallet Shrink Bags. So what is the difference and is it worth changing over?

Pallet Wrap is basically an industrial form of glad wrap and comes in a standard or pre-stretched form. It is used by stretching it around a pallet which keeps the load secured. (See our article on How to Hand Wrap a Pallet and addressing OH & S Issues). The difference between the two types of pallet wrap is that the pre-stretched form has actually been pre-stretched meaning the user doesn't have to put as much effort into stretching the wrap around the pallet.

Pallet bags can also known as Pallet Shrink Bags, Heat Shrink Bags or just Shrink Bags. These are a large bag that literally fit over the pallet load. Then using a Gas Gun which heats the bag, the pallet bag shrinks to snugly fit the pallet load. They come on a perforated roll and are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses.

What's the Difference? Why use one over the other?

  • Pallet Bags are better suited when you have odd shaped or particularly heavy pallets as they are available in thicker (up to 150um) plastic, and as they shrink to fit they are more likely to better secure these types of pallet loads.
  • Pallet Bags may suit someone with physical issues who may have difficulty with the process of pulling or pushing pallet wrap around a pallet as the bags require much less physical effort.
  • Price/cost per pallet is negligible between pallet wrap and pallet bags depending on the thickness and size of bags chosen.
  • Pallet Wrap can be simpler as it doesn't require the use of a heat/gas gun, just more physical effort.
Pallet Shrink Bags and Heat Shrink Gas Gun