Pallet wrapping - to hand wrap or invest in a pallet wrapper?

Supplier: Get Packed - Packaging
18 March, 2015

As businesses grow this is often a question that comes up. Is it time to invest in a pallet wrapping machine? Do we wrap enough pallets to warrant the spend? Whats the benefit?

At Get Packed we often get this question from customers who are trying to determine whether its time to make a capital investment such as a pallet wrapper. This could be due to a growing business or it could be for Occupational Health and Safety Reasons. So lets consider each of these.

Generally the pallet figure Get Packed recommends is 40 pallets per week or 2000 per year. When your warehouse starts to exceed these figures then its generally time to invest in a pallet wrapper and save on the cost of likely OH&S issues as well as time.

There are a range of pallet wrappers to choose from and budgets to match  depending on the amount of pallets wrapped per day and Get Packed can assist with these. Most Pallet Wrapping Machines features standard wrapping heights of between 2200mm and 2500mm, photo eye sensors to detect product height, 2000Kg turntable, soft starts and selectable wrap styles and many feature more specific features (please click on the link to find more product specific information). Alternatively Get Packed also sell second hand and traded in Pallet Wrappers that we then clean and service which will be a less costly investment.

If you're considering a change because of OH&S issues then Get Packed may be able to assist with more cost effective options than going straight to a semi automatic pallet wrapper. The GoodPack R-Wrapper is a mobile pallet wrapping trolley which has been Australian designed and built.

It uses no power and is extremely easy to use only requiring hand pallet wrap and a person standing upright walking forward and around the pallet (see video). This 4 wheeled trolley saves the operator from bending low or reaching high whilst wrapping pallets with almost no effort.

An alternative, and still a more cost effective choice than the semiauto range is the GoodPack Mobile Wrapper which works much the same as the R-Wrapper but uses battery power to move the film up and down the carriage at the push of a button.

So what is the benefit of moving from manually wrapping your pallets by hand and using a pallet wrapper? There are obvious OH&S benefits as the machines do all the work. You can rest easy knowing that using a pallet wrapper will reduce the chance of pallets being wrapped poorly and therefore reduce the cost of damage to products in transport.

You will improve customer satisfaction knowing they're receiving their stock safely and with integrity. And lastly you will save in staff time and ultimately money as your warehouse becomes more eficient.

GoodPack R-Wrapper manual pallet wrapping trolley