Modular / Configurable DC Power Supplies – Xgen Series

Our Xgen Platform continues to be the leading modular power supply solution in the market.

Increased market penetration is due to its Industry Leading Performance in terms of Efficiency and size coupled with the unique field-configurability aspects of the platform.
The rate of New Designs continues to increase across all segments of our core target markets; Medical, Industrial, Hi-Rel (including MIL-COTS) and Communications.
We are delighted to introduce a range of new products that have been recently added to the Xgen product range.
  • The Low Noise standard
    XK series: 4 slot 200-600W
    XQ series: 6 slot 400-1200W 
  • The Ultra Quiet
    The quietest modular power supply in the market.
    XT / XN series: 4 slot 200-400W
    XB / XW series 6 slot 400-800W
    Standard and medical approved models
  • The Ultra-Low Leakage Current Option
    < 150µA leakage current
        Option 04
  • The 3-wire input cable Option
        Option D. ( instead of IEC inlet )
  • The Conformal Coated Option
        Option C
  • The Ruggedised Option for Shock and Vibration
        Option R, Option S (with conformal Coating)
The unique configurability of the Xgen series, has allowed us to provide solutions to an endless range of output configurations. The combination of output modules ( 8 in total ) allows us to connect modules in series or parallel to meet unique applications with same / next day delivery.
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