High Voltage Power Supplies - DC/DC Converters

15 May 2020

We offer a broad range of component high voltage power supplies with output voltages from 100 V to 10 kV in both proportional and regulated topologies for use as stand-alone modules or integration.

These standard modules are miniaturized, PCB mounting, encapsulated, low noise assemblies generating a high voltage output that is fully controllable using standard low voltage circuitry. Our high voltage power supplies meet a wide range of high performance demands. From precision, analytical instruments to mission-critical equipment, whether developing sensitive laboratory instruments, wafer handling electrostatic chuck, detection or scientific equipment, our products can be trusted to fulfil your needs for high performance and reliability.


  • Provides versatile low cost DC to high voltage DC conversion with proven reliability. The output voltage is directly proportional to the input voltage and is linear from 0.7V to the maximum input. Options include an output center tap to provide both positive and negative outputs from one low cost module.


  • Precision regulated DC to high voltage DC modules that feature easy external control and design-in, providing a stable high voltage output over the specified input voltage and load range. Fully programmable from 0 - 100% of the nominal output voltage via a linear low voltage control input.

Custom Power Solutions

  • XP Power can design a custom or semi-custom AC-DC or DC-DC power system that meets your project's individual specifications. We design high voltage products for a broad spectrum of applications including satellite communications systems, electrostatic chucks, mass spectrometry and precision scientific instruments.