10 Mar 2020

The term electromobility is becoming increasingly important, not least due to constant further developments in the automotive industry and other areas of drive technology, such as two-wheeled and public transport vehicles.

But the subject of electric drives is also pushing things forward in the field of castors and wheels for a wide variety of applications. The medical sector, hospitality industry and logistics sector, for example, all rely on electronically operated starting aids.

Electromobility with castors creates efficient drives

Whenever heavy loads have to be moved, the efficient E-Drive starting aids from TENTE provide assistance. Whether used in the health care sector, for example for hospital or care beds, or in logistics companies for transporting goods – the drive modules on the castors reduce the risk of injury during loading and moving, as they dramatically reduce the physical effort that needs to be applied. They also make manoeuvring around corners and in confined spaces particularly efficient. Electromobility in transport units will improve health, safety and productivity in your company.

Starting up with electronic support

A DC gear motor forms the heart of TENTE drive systems. Its output is transferred to a drive wheel that enables the user to move heavy loads with much less physical effort. Moving the load, both forwards and backwards, is made easier, directional stability is improved, and the speed can be continuously controlled. Essentially, the E-Drive starting aids from TENTE consist of the following components: an electronic drive, a control module, a manual control unit and a battery module. This system solution is also ideal for retrofitting existing transport units.