Heavy-duty castors make the transport of heavy goods very easy

26 Feb 2020

Special weights require special castors: When enormous scaffolding, huge overhead cranes or extremely heavy pallet trucks have to be moved, powerful performance is required without compromising precision and safety.

Our "special task force" is there for just such applications: Our TENTE heavy duty castors have been specially developed for transporting heavy loads.


Areas of applications:

The applications for this heavy-duty castor are very varied and include uses such as for the army or the transport of goods in factories. Other areas in which the castors are used are: • Airports • Ports • Factories In these wide-ranging applications there are many devices that can be equipped with the castors. These include among others: • Work platforms • Mobile stairs • Mobile cranes • Emptiable containers • Tugger trains


Heavy-duty castors make the transport of heavy goods very easy

Their solid construction with a heavy steel or stainless steel housing allows the heavy-duty castors to lift heavy weights. For example, they can withstand several hundred kilos or even up to twelve tonnes per castor. Despite these heavy loads, they are always easy and precise to manoeuvre, so you can safely move your heavy loads to their destination.

With the smooth-running heavy-duty castors, the transport of heavy weights suddenly becomes very easy. The castors are manufactured with a high-quality blue passivated surface finish that allows each of our castors to be used for a long time.


A heavy-duty castor for every situation

The TENTE heavy-duty castors are available in various designs - for example as swivel castors with a total lock or directional brake. These variants are particularly suitable for heavy equipment that has to be manoeuvred often and in all directions.

We also offer them additionally as fixed castors, which provide more stability and safe immobilisation. Find the right castor for your application - TENTE's friendly service staff will be happy to advise you on all questions regarding the material, properties and load-bearing capacity.

We are happy to develop innovative special solutions according to your specifications.


Certified safety thanks to regular long-term testing

Safety comes first when transporting heavyweights, so the heavy-duty castors must be made of absolutely reliable material. To ensure this, we constantly carry out rigorous long-term tests. The load is simulated by different weights - on different floors and under different influences.

This is the only way to ensure that each of the heavy-duty castors used is durable, reliable and of excellent quality. We guarantee maximum load capacity - because that's what our "strong" castors are all about.