Pallet truck castors need to be robust, durable and wear-resistant.

Pallet truck castors are usually made of polyamide or polyurethane, which makes them extremely wear-resistant.

Both materials have a high degree of hardness. Polyamide is more heat-resistant, however, while polyurethane is even more wear-resistant. In order to achieve even better suspension and damping properties, it is also possible to use elastic polyurethane, for example. The wheel centre and ball bearings are usually made of steel.


Select the right lift truck wheels

As a general rule, pallet trucks are fitted with swivel castors or guide castors. In the case of fork-lift pallet trucks, in particular, front castors are often installed at both sides. When selecting the appropriate pallet truck castors, the dimensions of the castors and the pallet truck are important, as well as the length and diameter of the roller bearing. Particular attention must be paid to the maximum load capacity. The number of castors and the rated load of the pallet truck are important for calculating this maximum load capacity. For the calculation, one is subtracted from the total number of castors, because on uneven floors the load is not always distributed evenly between all of the castors. This ensures that the load capacity of the castors is sufficient even if one of them is temporarily unloaded.

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