Bookcases with TENTE castors and wheels

26 Feb 2020

Mobile bookcases are used wherever the selection of books has to be moved quickly and efficiently. This may be in small or large bookshops, for example, or in libraries or at airports.

The fully stacked bookcases must be able to support heavy loads, be easily manoeuvrable and yet remain stable and secure when stationary. Conventional furniture castors are often inadequate here – they cannot bear the weight of the heavy books in the long term and tend to break. This is why we have developed innovative product solutions that are precisely tailored to the requirements of mobile bookcases.

Bookcases: stable and mobile thanks to TENTE Linea safety

TENTE Linea castors are ideal for mobile bookcases. With high-quality materials and high load capacities, they are designed to withstand heavy loads over a long period of time. They are also easy to push and manoeuvre. Of course, safety must also be a top priority to prevent heavy bookcases from tipping over. Our Linea safety line was specially developed for this purpose. The Linea safety swivel castor has an automatic locking system which is locked by default. The castors, and thus the bookcase, can be moved only when this lock is actively released.

Sophisticated solutions by TENTE

Even if you don't have to reinvent the wheel - you can always develop it further. This is precisely our goal! We are constantly working on new, sophisticated mobility solutions for bookcases and countless other applications. We can also work with you to develop an individual product solution that will help you move forward. Please feel free to contact our staff for detailed advice on castors and wheels!