TrayMaster – Reducing Packing Labour Requirements

This year’s Coronavirus has brought big changes within the industry and Marco have helped many clients adapt to the rapid changes in demand and the lack of the usual skilled/experienced workers available.

During the course of 2020, Marco’s designers and engineers have risen to the challenge to reduce packing labour requirements even further and to further de-skill the process.

Today Marco announced the launch of MARCO TrayMaster, a new system designed specifically to reduce the resources required at the end of a packing line. TrayMaster automates the final packing process with a healthy return on investment (ROI) created by considerable savings in labour. With many businesses struggling to employ their regular skilled/experienced workforce, due to the effects of Covid-19, TrayMaster can quickly and simply reduce that requirement and the associated costs.

MARCO has spent over 35 years continuously developing systems that dramatically improve the packing process in the food industry. Clients report productivity lifts of over 30%, dramatic savings in the labour required and huge material savings brought about by the accuracy of our scales and superior packing techniques.

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