The Benefits of Temporary Dehumidifier Hire

Benefits of a Dehumidifiers
Benefits of a Dehumidifiers
02 Feb 2022

If you run a business in QLD or NSW where humidity effects your products, equipment, or processes, then you most likely would benefit from having an industrial or commercial dehumidifier.

Why should you Rent a Dehumidifier?

Whether your production is affected by seasonal variations, or the application is a temporary project or simply being able to test the dehumidification technology before investing, Dehumidifier hire is ultimately a risk-free option!

During the summer months, humidity can reach 90% in Queensland and 80% in New South Wales and this can have a heavy impact on production rates within certain industries.

We have specially trained technicians and engineers covering the east coast of Australia with 3 dedicated to Queensland. Contact us and we can discuss your requirements and organise a dehumidification unit specific to your needs.  We have a wide range of Dehumidifiers for rent. Please check out our Dehumidifier Hire Brochure in our main listing  

If you already have a dehumidifier and simply want to discuss how to optimise its performance or find out if its capacity is ideal for your specific requirements, we are always happy to have a chat.

Some industries Humiscope has helped with Dehumidifier Hire

  • Sandblasting
  • Plastics manufacture
  • Cold Storage
  • Transformer Repair
  • Industries that deal with Hygroscopic Powered Compounds

An example of what you will learn in our brochure:


Condensation on freshly sandblasted or painted surfaces can be a serious problem - particularly if unfavourable weather is about. If condensation forms on critical areas in the midst of these operations, they usually have to be re-blasted and re-coated. The moisture damage may be minimized by careful scheduling of the final 'dust-down' and painting to coincide with acceptable weather, but this is not always practical.

With dehumidification we physically remove the moisture from the air, meaning that corrosion and condensation is unable to occur.  It reduces the problems and costs resulting from quick oxidation on blasted steel and condensation on freshly blasted or coated surfaces.  it also allows for scheduling independent of weather conditions and decreases drying time.