02 Oct 2021

How do you batch your raw materials? Many manufacturers, need to feed raw materials into hoppers, but when that hopper is 5 Mtrs above ground, how do you do it?

Some build mezzanine floors. Expensive but necessary – or are they?

If you can do away with personnel having to climb ladders and being purpose specific whilst there; or having to forklift pallets of product up to the floor where guard rails and anti-fall load gates are required; and where empty pallets have to be moved and stacked to await the next available forklift, then maybe the answer is to install a high lift drum / lifter tipper instead.

All batching can be performed at ground level, weighed and fed into a drum or bin – according to the batch size, then left by the drum lifter / tipper, ready to be raised and dumped into the hopper. Personnel need only attend the loading of the drum into the cradle, then go about other duties.

Pack King, suppliers of the Simpro NZ range of drum and bin lifter tippers in Australia have witnessed a trend to buy 'local' where possible. The problems affecting the world include massive lead times; shortage of ships and containers; massive shipping price increase; labour shortages; steel and plastic price increases; wharf stoppages; power price increases and shortages, so price is just one facet influencing machinery buyers decisions today.

Armstrong Flooring have ordered another 5 Mtr lift drum tipper for their manufacturing plant in Braeside, Victoria, as they have been using Simpro drum lifter / tippers for 15 years so although they weighed up all the pros and cons for buying elsewhere, their decision to purchase yet another Simpro unit was in the end a no brainer for Maintenance Manager Anthony Matulis

Pack King, spokesperson Ron Mileham tells the story. "When you look at the options for 200 Ltr steel drum lifter / tippers in Australia, there is really only one choice, and that is to go with Simpro, New Zealand. They have provided companies in New Zealand and Australia with drum lifter / tippers since 1986, and they have the expertise to reach the lift heights that very few others are able to. They are also able to customize to exactly suit their client's needs, so if you need to lift and tip a drum, bin or a specially fabricated vessel into a hopper – without having to build a mezzanine floor - then Simpro can do it.

Specially fabricated lifter / tippers for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries are every day items for Simpro. Talk to your local representative for a quote.