Pedestrian Operated Powered Tugs
Pedestrian Operated Powered Tugs

Logistec Pedestrian Operated Electric Powered Tugs from Sitecraft are an excellent solution to manual handling, and health and safety issues within the workplace.

A company manufacturing prefabricated plant rooms, used a railed lattice system to move the rooms around the manufacturing shop floor.

Each plant room could weigh up to 6,000kg which would require 6 employees to move the load. 

Every time a plant room had to be moved, employees would have to stop the work they were doing to assist. Some employees would complain of bad backs or shoulders due to the physical excursion.

A single Pedestrian Operated Electric Powered Tug unit was introduced to address the issue, where one man could now safely move the load with no physical effort.

The company managed to reduce injuries and increase production with the implementation of the Pedestrian Operated Powered Tug.

Battery powered and designed to push, pull and manoeuvre loads of up to 12.5 tonnes on castors, electric tugs ensure you have safe and efficient handling for your operators. 

The pedestrian operated powered tugs offer safety features such as: an Anti trap emergency reverse, E-Stop battery isolator and Electro-magnetic brake – Fail to safe. 

All of the Logistec range can be operated by a single user in a safe and efficient way eliminating the need for extra manpower.