Maintaining noisy and unreliable roller conveyor curves

Supplier: Adept Conveyor Technologies
05 December, 2016

If you are spending a lot of money maintaining noisy and unreliable roller conveyor curves it might simply be time to replace it.

Are you constantly worried that your roller conveyor curve might let you down at the most inconvenient time - such as when you have an important customer order to ship?

Is your equipment making noises that it shouldn’t be making?

Are you worried about the ongoing maintenance costs for your equipment?

A possible solution might be to purchase and install a new generation "drop-in" roller conveyor curve section with a self-contained drive. These curves can be built and supplied in a variety of angles, radiuses and widths to suit your application.

This is an easy way to replace existing troublesome conveyor equipment without accepting a huge cost and a long lead time.

They are also available in a variety of materials; from the standard steel construction with a painted enamel finish, all the way through to stainless steel construction with an IP66 rating for wash-down food applications.

These roller conveyor curves contain two 24V DC drive motors that can be easily integrated into any existing conveyor system regardless of which brand, make or type of construction it is. They are designed to be adaptable to any application, easy to install both mechanically and electrically and will give much improved reliability, performance and flexibility when compared to existing equipment.

The end result is a much better conveyor curve at a cost effective price that will fit into existing conveyor systems and give years of reliable service with minimal maintenance and noise.

Should you require more information on Adept Conveyor Technologies range of drop-in roller conveyor curves or advice on your application, please contact one of their friendly sales staff