Choosing a commercial fast roller door supplier?

Supplier: Carona Group
20 May, 2019

Choosing a commercial fast roller door supplier? Here’s what to look for.

If you’re looking for commercial high speed roller doors, then control is key. And Carona delivers. Our doors give you optimal control over your workplace, so you can access and close off areas of your operations as needed. As an experienced supplier in the manufacture of commercial roller doors in Australia, Carona produces control and access products that provide tremendous value at several levels. The Movidor system of roller doors allows your staff to work quickly and safely, increasing efficiency and making for a better workplace.

Features to look for
When you’re comparing roller doors, here are some features of our product that you’ll find useful:automatic opening triggers, which help to increase the flow of traffic in the workplace. German-engineered drive motor, outlasting competitor products and reducing downtime and maintenance, integrated safety mechanisms, including a flexible bottom battern cushion that helps to cushion impact. This feature provides a safeguard in situations where objects such as vehicles, including forklifts, get caught in the door as it closes.
These features make the Movidor system a superior product when it comes to designing and installing safe and effective doors, especially for facilities with safety risks, such as warehouses.

The Service Factor
Finding the right product is just one of the factors in choosing a roller door supplier. Availability of stock also matters. At Carona, we have wide inventory: we can get products out to you faster — another factor that reduces the potential downtime. Overall, customers choose us because of our ability to have exactly what they need installed in their business, quickly, efficiently and at a price point that gives them great value.

It’s also worth looking for a provider that knows their product, so they can guide you through the specification process. At Carona, our sales team is ready to answer any questions when it comes to specifying commercial rolling doors. We’re also ready to discuss other control and access products, including PVC strip curtains, commercial fridge doors, and more. Carona is proud to offer easy-to-use, safe, durable solutions for various kinds of business throughout Australia, regardless of your industry or what your access needs happen to be.

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