Lasting proof of training: Professional accreditation cards

Supplier: PPC - ID Card Printer Solutions
27 February, 2012

As an RTO running quality training courses, you naturally want to give your trainees and their employers professional proof of accreditation.

Paper certificates are too easily lost, torn or damaged. They are also awkward for carrying to worksites to show accreditation for a particular task or competency. Similarly, laminated cards look amateurish and tend to disintegrate with a few months of wear and tear. The simple, professional and durable answer is printing your own purpose-designed plastic cards. With a unique accreditation card, your graduates have a convenient way to carry proof of accreditation in their wallets or attached to their clothing with a clip or lanyard. You can add trainee photos for secure identification and include your logo to help promote your training organisation.

With PPC card printers now costing under $2000, you can afford to complement your professional training with suitably professional accreditation cards.

The benefits of printing your own cards

Your own professionally printed cards:

  • Are more durable than certificates or laminated cards
  • Are convenient for people to use in the workplace
  • Look professional and reflect well on your organisation
  • Help promote your organisation
  • Are easily issued in your office – on the spot
  • Can include photo ID for additional work-site security.