How unsealed PolyCom roads beat days of driving rain

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28 April, 2017

A council in central Victoria treated their unsealed roads with PolyCom Stabilising Aid several weeks ago. These roads have held strong despite days of persistent rain.

PolyCom is added to the naturally occurring materials on an unsealed during routine maintenance. It can also be added to imported gravel. The binding properties of PolyCom Stabilising Aid boosts the strength of the pavement materials, which creates a barrier against rain and traffic.

As a result, the smoother, stronger pavement withstands potholes and rutting, which would normally occur as the road deteriorates after high volumes of rain.

In the photos, the water in the drains beside the road is an indication of just how much rain has fallen in recent days in the area. Yet the roads hold strong.

More councils are discovering the cost benefits of stabilising roads with PolyCom Stabilising Aid.

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