How to repair damaged roads and freeways fast with PolyCom

The dramatic end to a decade of drought has roads throughout Australia causing safety issues and delays. Already facing the pressure of a backlog of road maintenance, many councils are up in arms.

However those with an eye for innovation, have found a promising solution.

One Council road crew in Victoria has repaired 2000 square metres of soft and damaged patches on their sealed roads in record time with a simple solution. The crew has turned to Earthco Projects and their road maintenance polymer PolyCom Stabilising Aid for fast repair with minimal traffic disruption.

The crew milled the damaged sections of road, with assistance from an Earthco Projects team member. They then applied PolyCom to the existing materials using a dry-spreader attached to the back of a work ute.

With plenty of moisture already in the road, the application of PolyCom road stabiliser in dry granular form allows crews a better chance of getting the moisture right. 

PolyCom application does not require specialist equipment. In this case, PolyCom was blended into the material with a 1m wide small skid mounted stabiliser. The crew compacted the road with multi-wheel rollers, and finished work for the day.

Despite heavy rain overnight, the road was ready for sealing when they returned the next day. 

PolyCom creates a tightly bound pavement with the materials already in the ground, increasing resistance to water and vehicle pressure. This creates a barrier against rain, which reduces potholes and rutting.

PolyCom has no time constraints and can be re-worked at any time if required.

From small patches in sealed and unsealed roads, to extensive sub-grade repairs on freeways, PolyCom is versatile, cost-effective and eliminates the need for boxing out and replacing with new material.

To fix your roads with PolyCom Stabilising Aid, click here to get in touch with your local distributor or call 1800 790 907 for advice.