How to build stronger road shoulders with PolyCom Stabilising Aid

Road Shoulder work using PolyCom Stbilising Aid
Road Shoulder work using PolyCom Stbilising Aid

This video explains a road shoulder stabilisation project using on site material and PolyCom Stabilising Aid that usually comes in at half the cost of traditional methods.

This eliminates the need for using expensive specialist equipment and or importing expensive quarry materials in many cases. Road shoulders are critical for road safety and particularly important along long roadways and freeways in Australia. Road shoulder stabilisation with PolyCom Stabilising Aid can assist in reduction of dust and reduce water collection in particular spots on road sides. PolyCom Stabilising Aid is also proven to help in the strengthening of the road shoulders and therefore reduce on-going road maintenance and keep vegetation growth to a minimum on road sides. A fine video of Australian road construction using innovative materials like PolyCom Stabilising Aid.

Contact us for details on how you can make use of PolyCom Stabilising Aid on your next road project.

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