Heliosa heaters improve comfort at the St. Joseph’s parish

St. Joesph's Parish installed powerful and efficient Heliosa heaters to replace their existing heaters.

“I am the Parish Priest of a very cold town, Stanthorpe in Southern Queensland, the coldest place in winter - the Granite Belt.
Our large, high ceiling Catholic Parish Church is impossible to heat. Could your infrared heaters help - heating wise and less expensive than radiant heaters? I read an online good report from the U.K. on this.
The Church will be one hundred years old in February 2023, and if I can successfully heat it for complaining parishioners, they might remember me for the next one hundred years.”

Fr Brian Connolly

Though the existing infrared panel heaters looked aesthetically pleasing, they were only long-wave infrared panel heaters and lacked the range and intensity of short-wave infrared heaters.

SBH Solutions provided a ‘heat map’ of the church area utilizing our Helios “Titan EHT2-40”, 2 x 2000W Short-wave Infrared Heaters which provide a greater range and standard of warmth. Simply using the same number of heaters provided the warmth and reach the church required. Heating the parishioners and not the empty ceiling spaces whilst saving money and energy. A bonus is that there is no need to pre-heat the church before service because of the INSTANT warmth from short wave infrared.

Each unit comprising of 2 x 2000W of Short-Wave Infrared heating installed at a height of 3.5 metres provide a heat range of up to 32M².
It has been long understood in Europe that the most effective and cheapest way to heat the large open spaces in a Church is by using the projection of short-wave infrared. If you have a need to create comfort in your church space, we are only too happy to assist you.
“SBH Solutions’ customer service is refreshing as the consultation was professional and helpful. We were able to trial a unit, promptly delivered, to make sure it was suitable for our needs.”

Interested and require more information? Please contact us at info@sbhsolutions.com.au

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