Getting your crew where they need to be for aviation projects

Supplier: Spacepac Industries By: Hamidreza Salarian
16 October, 2014

To get an aviation maintenance project going quickly, sometimes it will require dispatching several crew members to work on a particular part or area of the aircraft.

While there are certainly inherent dangers in this - multiple people working on one platform can lead to serious fall risks - there are products that can create a much safer environment while also resulting in higher productivity.

Some of the best examples are the Crew Access Sands from Carbis Australia, like the B300-2. This stand was designed specifically for crews to perform maintenance work on the arcs of aircraft doors. This eliminates the need to configure multiple stands and ladders to reach this area of aircraft.

Complete with guardrails in the back, these safety features are angled to fit snug with the door to prevent any workers from slipping through small spaces. All bars and standing zones are construction with durable steel, allowing you to use the product for years on end and in any conditions.

By painting the finished project a bright "safety yellow", Carbis decreased the chances of accidents even more by making the stand highly visible from anywhere in a facility.

The stairs feature a handrail the whole way up and were made with a slip-resistant surface. Even the plane is protected, with the edge of the rails covered in a thick neoprene rubber padding segment. This prevents the product from ever scratching the fuselage of the plane.

The stand makes work more efficient than ever, keeps workers safe and is offered at an affordable price - a trifecta that will ultimately result higher quality service and a better bottom line.