Construction and project management software

05 Aug 2020

As a Civil Engineering firm, your goals are simple; You need to be competitive, deliver on deadlines, efficiently manage vendors and projects, exceed client expectations.

All while improving profitability. The goals are simple to define, however achieving those goals is another matter altogether. Put simply; it is almost impossible to achieve the goals of managing a complex business like yours without a sophisticated ERP solution such as MYOB Greentree.

MYOB Greentree, your competitive advantage

From a business efficiency perspective, MYOB Greentree provides Civil Engineers with the opportunity to improve productivity, performance and profit with tools for business process management, workflows, approvals & alerts and most all other aspects of a such a dynamic business.


Civil Engineering firms need to remain flexible. Whether it’s the size, type or complexity of projects, your business needs the flexibility of MYOB Greentree. Choose from 80-plus powerful modules, customising your solution to your organisational requirements and experience the difference. Match your MYOB Greentree solution to your business as it evolves.


With MYOB Greentree you have live, unified views of jobs in progress, departments and all the associated costs. This new visibility across all departments, vendors and supply chains, empowers you to make more informed decisions. Combine this new company-wide and project visibility with specially configured role-based approvals and alerts, and you’re equipped with all you need to transform how you manage every aspect of the business. 

From tendering to billing and everything in between, MYOB Greentree is the one unified solution that can deliver organisation-wide efficiency and transformation.


Repetition and duplication are costly and create an opportunity for human error. MYOB Greentree helps eliminate manual processes, reduce data entry time and improve information flows, allowing your people to focus their attention on the activities that deliver measurable results.

Build and maintain a competitive advantage

Whether you want the improvement of real-time coordination and monitoring of projects, the timeliness of information sharing, control and connectivity between departments, supply chain and vendor management or countless other project management and people issues, MYOB Greentree is the answer.