Generator for Harsh Environments

24 Mar 2020

APC Technology won a significant contract to supply generators for an international client in November 2014.

The generators are custom designed and built to meet project-defined requirements, including MIL-SPEC-810G certification.

The contract has now been completed and the generators are due to be shipped to the international client for integration into stand-alone deployable shelters for remote monitoring operations

Scott Begbie, APC Technology’s Managing Director commented on the completion of the contract, “We are extremely proud to have completed our first generator contract. Over the last eight months APC Technology and APC Research have worked hard to ensure the needs of the client have been met. We became the supplier of choice because we demonstrated our ability to design & manufacture to the client’s specific requirements and to meet expectations within the time line and budget. As the generators leave Australian shores, we have met the expectations of our client.”

Key features include:-

  • MIL-SPEC shock and vibration survivability to enable the unit to be operated on wheeled platforms, allowing rapid deployment through harsh terrain.
  • Capable of producing 50kVA even under high altitude and temperature conditions
  • Compact design compared to existing market options.
  • MIL-STD-810G qualified unit ensuring it is able to withstand environmental conditions, resistant to humidity, rain, salt spray and solar radiation.
  • Unit supplies 3-phase 400VAC power, which can be varied to suit client requirements.