Full air suspension fitted to Nissan Patrol makes world of difference

Here's an example of how air suspension fitted to both the front and rear of your vehicle can improve safety and provide a smoother ride.

Hear first hand from one of our customers, Chris. 

"At first we wondered how it would affect the handling on corrugated tracks such as the Gibb River Road. But Leon from Airbag Man assured us it would be a smoother ride and would not affect the handling of the vehicle.

As the passenger, I found it much easier to get into the car, as it could be lowered on my side so that I could just slip into and out of the seat. It was a much smoother ride, not jarring my spine with all the bumps.

The ability to hook up the caravan was simpler, and Chris could level off the car on all four airbags making for a safer ride.

Leon and Ben were always helpful with any queries we had. During our travels up the east coast (we live in Melbourne) the boys were only too happy to see us. Initially we had our old Ford Maverick fitted, and Leon assured us it could be transferred to a Nissan Patrol and was happy to answer any questions we had.

We have been very happy with the airbags and the service from Airbag Man. People often comment on our rising and lowering vehicle, so we 'sell it' at every opportunity.

Chris H."

Note: Airbag Man Kit 0A4512 was fitted to the read / 0A4513 was fitted to the front.