Protective Suit Clean Room Solutions

27 Mar 2021

Tyvek®: Because it makes the difference!

Although protective suit types may look the same at first glance, but only from a distance. The unique DuPont ™ Tyvek material provides optimal protection when needed. That’s why Dupont has been a market leader in Europe for Type 4, 5 and 6 protective suits for 20 years.

Take any protective suit from the comprehensive Tyvek® product range in hand, for example the Tyvek® Classic Xpert and you will feel the difference. Tyvek® was developed by DuPont and is manufactured exclusively by DuPont. The unique and versatile material is extremely robust yet lightweight and soft. The material is permeable to air and water vapor, but at the same time resistant to water-based liquids and spray mist. It forms a highly effective barrier against fine particles and fibers. It is also low in fuzz and antistatic.

Tyvek® is a unique spunbonded fabric with an inherent protective barrier. It does not consist of individual films or layers that can wear off over time due to abrasion or wear – with Tyvek® protection is maintained throughout the wear period. Due to its optimal combination of protection, durability and comfort, Tyvek® protective clothing is suitable for a variety of different applications. Whether it’s painting, handling lead or asbest removal, its ergonomic design ensures a high level of protection and does not restrict wearers even in difficult working conditions. It is also free of fillers, additives and silicone.