From the pressure to the tank contents: process transmitters

Supplier: WIKA Australia
09 June, 2016

Wika developed a generation of universal process transmitters, UPT-2x for pressure measurement that is tailored for plant operators requiring versatility.

The UPT-2x process transmitter can determine both the level and the volume of tank contents.

Generally speaking, a process transmitter is used for measuring a pressure in pipes and ducts through
which liquids or gases are flowing. However, using the hydrostatic pressure in vessels also opens up the possibility of another application, identifying the level by using the ‚liquid column‘ as a reading of the height. The only requirement for this is that the substance being measured and, with this, its density must be known.

Volume via shape

The UPT offers the possibility of displaying the actual tank contents in volume units such as litres or cubic
metres. the transmitter can determine this value based on the filling height, the internal shape
of the vessel must be defined. Three types are pre-programmed into the transmitter.

Indication in weight units

When an empty tank starts to fill, the filling height increases very quickly, even though a large volume
has not yet flowed into it. In the central area of the tank, filling height and the increase in volume
proceed at a fairly even ratio. Once the tank is almost full, the initial effect occurs yet again: A relatively
small "amount" can drive the filling height up quickly. If correspondingly programmed, the UPT
can alert you to the risk of an overflow.

Users have the ability to utilise a further "free unit" for the calculated tank contents.  Through the operating software or directly on the display, ten display digits are available for such a custom unit. The desired value is calculated with respect to the specific gravity of the filling medium. This additional feature makes the new instrument a truly universal "volume transmitter"

High accuracy and resilience

UPT-2x is the accuracy – up to 0.1 percent of the measuring span. The sensor is available with pressure ranges from 0 - 400 mbar to 0 - 1,000 bar in nine increments. Intermediate values can be set using the scaling.

To obtain a full ATEX approval, this housing is also made of a conductive material. The resilience of the instrument – and thus the process safety – can be further and considerably enhanced by combining it with a diaphragm seal assembly.

User-friendly versatility

The construction of the UPT underlines its versatility.

A wide display is also still clearly readable up to five metres (or more) away.

The electrical installation of the instrument can be completed quickly and with hardly any need for
tools. The process connection is available with a pressure port or a flush diaphragm. The display can
be placed in four positions, each separated by 90°, and rotated through 330° around the process connection.

To use the UPT in explosives atmospheres, we now have ATEX, IECEx and EAC approval for safe intrinsically instruments.

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