Diverseco Announce Appointment as Official Solomon Vision Partner

Supplier: Diverseco
25 July, 2020

Diverseco are excited to announce the addition of Solomon Vision and its award-winning suite of innovative products to its Robotics portfolio.

In a statement from Solomon Vision chairman and Founder Johnny Chen, “Solomon are happy to welcome Diverseco in Australia to our global family of distributors. We appreciate Diverseco’s long history of systems integration with other leading global technology brands and look forward to Diverseco implementing Solomon Vision into their growing capabilities”.

According to Diverseco CEO Brenton Cunningham, “The addition of Solomon’s AI-Powered 3D Vision Solutions is part of a broader strategy for Diverseco to continue expanding its automation division by adding best-in-class robotics agencies to an already impressive lineup that includes Kawasaki Robotics, Doosan Robotics for collaborative robots, and OnRobot plug and play end effectors.”

Brenton continues, “Diverseco will be looking to combine Solomon Vision solutions with Doosan or Kawasaki robots and OnRobot plug and play end effectors to create integrated solutions that are flexible and effective at solving even the most complex application challenges.”

Solomon Vision makes Robots and Cobots smarter. Manufacturers around the world are gearing up to adopt Industry 4.0 in which computers and automation will come together in an entirely new way. Robotics connected remotely to computer systems equipped with machine learning algorithms, such as Solomon′s suite of AI-based machine vision solutions, can improve productivity by enhancing the monitoring of advanced manufacture processes

The mission at Solomon is to make it possible for robots and machines to perform increasingly complex jobs required in today′s manufacturing industries by providing them with human-like vision and recognition capabilities.

Solomon’s products, existing or under development, blend advanced 3D vision and the latest deep learning technologies, tackling tasks previously thought impossible or impractical for robots and machines to perform.

Solomon Vision And Kawasaki


AI Vision offers human-like, self-learning software to detect irregular patterns, defects or features typically challenging for conventional AOI (automated optical inspection) software to inspect. All that′s required is inputting tens of image samples to AI Vision software for the deep learning software to distinguish and learn; no code writing is necessary.

AccuPick 3D. Solomon’s AccuPick 3D presents a new bin picking technology that blends 3D machine vision and deep learning. The synthesis provides robot with an intelligent eye, enabling them to carry out tasks previously considered impossible or difficult.

AccuPick 3D using Intel RealSense. Solomon has integrated its versatile bin picking software with RealSense from Intel, the best-in-class 3D camera using active stereo vision.


The new SV series works not only for bin picking of e-commerce and logistics items but also picking of metal and plastics objects commonly found in factories. Traditionally bin picking applications have relied on costly and sub-mm accuracy 3D scanners using structured light and laser triangulation technologies.

AccuPick 3D′s AI-based software is able to harness the full advantages of Intel RealSense camera – compact, full-color, affordable. The scanner′s small form factor makes it simple to attach to a robot and adjust its working distance depending on accuracy and field of view (FOV) required for individual applications, without worrying the scanner hindering a robot′s movement. RealSense is also capable of scanning items in motion with its fast image acquisition rate.

As AI rapidly evolves, Solomon and Diverseco believe the potential to raise productivity in factories and other walks of life is unlimited.

Together Diverseco and Solomon look forward to working with end-users, the education industry, OEMs, and Integrators to develop game-changing solutions that can revolutionise Australian manufacturing and industry.