BOA Smart Camera Vision Systems win again

Supplier: Adept Turnkey
15 March, 2011

Recognised as a leader in its field, thanks to its excellent design and outstanding performance, BOA has beaten many competitors' products to be awarded The Best Vision Products 2010 - Engineers' Choice Award in the Machine Vision category.

Why BOA is an award winner

Offering greater value than any competitive product in its class, the highly-integrated BOA incorporates multiple processing engines, requires no software installation and is packaged to simplify factory integration.

Leveraging Teledyne DALSA'S design, engineering and manufacturing expertise, both the hardware and embedded software combine to deliver the next generation in smart-camera technology, offering solutions to satisfy a wide range of application needs - from positioning robot handlers to complete assembly verifications.

Why is this smart camera really smart?

Teledyne DALSA's all-in-one machine vision solution smart camera offers superior and  is the first camera in its class to provide flexibility by incorporating multiple processing engines into its design.

It is also the first smart camera that offers embedded application software which is easily set-up through a standard web browser. The BOA comes bundled with the intuitive and versatile iNspect application software so there is no other software to install and consequently no version-control problems or software incompatibilities.

Specifically designed for harsh factory floor environments and being easy to use and inexpensive, the BOA  delivers greater flexibility for its users via a rugged, easy-to-mount enclosure and  built-in factory communications. Easy connection to the network is provided via Ethernet cable.