Chip Vac Removes Swarf and Keeps Machines Running

Removing swarf keeps your machines running and reduces equipment failure.

The Problem:

A machine shop was having problems with "swarf" on their automatic profile cutting machines. Swarf is fine chips or filings of stone, metal or other material produced by a machining operation. In this case, the manufacturer had four machines cutting aluminium stock. Each machine had a cleated belt conveyor to remove the swarf (or chips) from the cutting process by conveying them out to the end of the machine and into a barrel. Because the swarf was small in size, the chips could get around the edge of the belt and clog the belt. Two of the four conveyors failed, and they wanted to find a better option to remove the swarf and keep the machines running.

The Solution:

They installed EXAIR's Model 6193 Chip Vac System. The Chip Vac fits on a standard drum and actually has a much smaller footprint than the conveying system. The 0.1 micron filter bag allows for the air to escape and keep the fine particles inside the drum. Once the drum was filled with aluminium chips, it was easy to rotate in an empty drum, then sending the full drum of material to recycling. Unlike electrically powered vacuum cleaners that clog up, the Chip Vac's vacuum generator has no moving parts to jam or wear out. It is quiet and maintenance free.

The Chip Vac is extremely versatile and easy to use. For this application, the Chip Vac was not only used to keep the profile cutting area clear of swarf, it was also used to keep the machining area clean of chips and debris.

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