Autonomous harvesting technology realises intelligent agriculture

Intelligent agriculture can increase agricultural efficiency by integrating technology into traditional farming operations and facilitating the development of modern agriculture.

Aimed at reducing the need for skilled machinery operators, autonomous farming solutions involve networked farming vehicles, such as combined harvesters, tractors, and grain carts, outfitted with cameras, sensors, ruggedized computers, and GNSS. The entire vehicle network can be controlled from a handheld tablet computer or mobile data terminal (MDT), eliminating the need for vehicle operators.


Advantech DLoG’s autonomous harvesting system comprises of the compact all-in-one vehicle terminal TREK-773, WWAN, GNSS, CAN bus, a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), inertial measurement sensors for hills, wheel encoders, and in-vehicle cameras.


Advantech DLoG’s autonomous harvesting system supports the functions required for efficient and economical fleet management, such as vehicle positioning/tracking, real-time communications, and data collection and transmission. This all-in-one solution is based on Advantech’s TREK-773 next-generation 7” MDT with Intel® Atom™E3826 processor, gigabit Ethernet, and touchscreen display. The CAN bus protocol allows vehicle data to be transmitted to the automated farming operations interface. Using TREK-773, operators can retrieve this data, send commands, and view the on-board camera video feed, thereby achieving remote control. The camera can also be used for rear view monitoring to reduce navigation blind spots and enhance safety.
TREK-773 features advanced power management capabilities that support, wake-on-call, on/off delay functions, and low standby power consumption for greater system efficiency. The input voltage range of 6 ~ 32 V ensures reliable operation even under transient voltage. Additionally, die casting and a ruggedized chassis provide a wide operating temperature range (-30 ~ 60 °C) and the ability to withstand shocks (100G, 6ms) and vibrations, makes TREK-773 ideal for harsh environments.


  • Rugged system design with an aluminum chassis, wide operating temperature (-30 ~ 60 °C), and shock/ vibration tolerance (MIL-STD-810G and 5M3) ensures reliable operation in challenging environments
  • As the successor to TREK-753, operations can be easily and smoothly migrated to TREK-773
  • Compact all-in-one MDT with Intel® Atom™ E3826 processor and strengthened touchscreen display delivers high performance and durability
  • Built-in CAN bus, GNSS, WWAN, and voice recognition technology support real-time communication, vehicle diagnostics, and varied control for remote management
  • Advanced power management capabilities (wake- on-call, on/off delay) ensures low standby power consumption
  • Remote-controlled farming machines enable automated monitoring, harvesting, classifying, weighing, and packaging of crops
  • Automated processes significantly reduce manpower costs and errors related to manual operation
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