What's so cool about Hurll Nu-Way Radiant heaters?

A heater that blends in
A heater that blends in

Radiant heaters mimic the sun's natural process of giving out its warmth!

Hurll Nu-Way radiant gas tube or ceramic heaters radiates heat energy along its direction. Like the sun, it does not matter how big or open the space is or how windy the day is, you would always feel the warmth of the heater.

Are radiant heaters bulky and do they take up huge part of the space?

This would not be a problem for the Hurll Nu-Way range of radiant heaters. We have very flexible models that can fit in any location. You may hang the heaters, or we can provide you with a stand.

What about the noise?

The other best part of a radiant heater is, they are quiet. You can forget that it is even there. The heat feels natural and there isn’t any annoying background sound. Nothing to distract your concentration.

Last but not least, it is efficiently designed for emitting heat which makes it energy efficient with low cost.

Check out this video to learn more about this!