Using infrared heaters to prevent blocked lines

Suez Water Technologies used the EH Safe ATEX infrared heaters to warm up dosing lines and prevent blockages.

Suez Water Technologies uses the EH Safe ATEX short wave infrared heater in an interesting setup to prevent blocked lines in their water treatment process at a mining site. Suez was facing an issue with a deposit control agent which crystallized at 18°C and blocked the dosing lines in cold weather.

The heaters needed to work at the mining site regardless of rain and dust and a minimum ingress protection requirement of IP55.  So, the IP66-rated EH Safe ATEX short wave infrared heater was the only effective choice to solve this blockage issue. SBH Solutions advised Suez to aim the heater directly at the valve to maximise heating efficiency.

The use of the short-wave infrared heater was successful, with the warmed valve maintaining a constant flow of control agent even during the coldest Outback nights.  The case study shows how short wave infrared heat can provide heating solutions for a variety of complex industrial environments.

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