What makes your Electric Heaters Effective Outdoors?

Heaters consume a lot of electricity and heating effectively on windy days can be a big challenge

It's a big challenge to heat outdoor spaces especially on windy days and heaters tend to consume a higher amount of energy for a satisfying heating output. Most standard heaters may claim to have low electric consumption, but is it high performing? Does it emit enough heat to cover a huge area?

Looking at the heat maps below we get a better idea of of the heat radition of Infrared electric heaters, standard quartz heaters and Gas Heaters.


  • 6% of energy consumed is direct heat radiation.
  • Heat is directed to the person/object below and next to no heat is lost to the air.


  • 0% of energy consumed is direct heat radiation.
  • Heat is not projected directly to the person/object below and consequently rises.


  • 0% of the energy consumed is direct heat radiation.
  • Heat dissipates not far from the heater and rises upwards into the air.


As seen on the thermal imaging graphics, the heat intensity of a standard quartz heater is a lot less than a Tansun quartz infrared heater. This is because most electric heaters are medium wave. Tansun electric heaters are short wave heater.

One great aspect about the short wave heating is that it is unbeatable in the outdoor applications. Medium wave heaters tends to warm up the air instead of the objects below; which makes this type of heating ineffective when wind is present. As we all know, wind is always present outdoors.

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