Trolley jacks from Larzep Australia

Supplier: Larzep Australia
23 July, 2012

Larzep Australia introduces their range of trolley jacks, which feature European-designed robust and heavy-duty construction.

Trolley Jacks are ideal lifting solutions to ensure safe and precise control mechanisms when lifting heavy loads in the workplace. The Trolley Jacks are ideal for construction and industrial environments and industries.

Features of Larzep Australia Trolley Jacks:

  • A range in capacity of 2 tonnes to 20 tonnes
  • 2 wide wheels for the load
  • Castors for manoeuvrability
  • Incorporated overload devices
  • Integrated safety release mechanism in handle
  • Approaching and unloading pedals
  • Controllable lowering speed by the turn of the handle
  • Saddle design allows for quick positioning of the load

Larzep Australia offers solutions for heavier applications including the HN Series Air Service Jacks (15 – 80 tonnes) and the new Mammut Heavy Vehicle Air Hydraulic Jack (60 – 150 tonnes).