Motorising your Trolleys with Electric Powered Wheels

A company providing waste and linen collection services needed a better way for their staff to move their tall heavy trolleys throughout a busy hotel, hundreds of times per day.

Manual handling problem

They needed a solution that was both powerful enough so staff did not suffer strains from pushing and pulling the trolleys around, and nimble enough so it could be moved through the tight corridors and lifts, especially around guests who were staying there.

Although the company wanted a way to motorise their existing fleet of trolleys, introducing a powered tug to tow their trolleys was not ideal because the tug and trolley weren’t nimble enough to fit into the lifts.

Solution: Powered Fifth Wheel (P5W)

To address their problem we developed the P5W, a powered drive wheel that can be easily retrofitted to their existing trolleys, converting them all to powered trolleys.

Controlled with an ergonomically designed grip for a natural walking posture, the P5W works with their trolley’s other four wheels to help them move the heavy loads safely and efficiently, eliminating the risk of push-pull injuries.


  • Powerful motorised wheel capable of moving up to 500 kg.
  • Ergonomic control grip with thumb controlled throttle and emergency stop.
  • Flexible configurations to fit trolleys with vertical or horizontal handlebars of varying widths and heights.
  • Smart charger for optimum operation and battery life.
Convert manually pushed trolleys or beds using the Powered Fifth Wheel kit