A condensation problem in a clean room tank air filter resolved with a custom heater jacket.

Health World is a premier high quality natural medicines manufacturer based in Brisbane. Despite being a customer of SBH Solutions for high performance insulated drum heater jackets, no automatic link was made by maintenance when looking for a solution to a condensation problem within the factory.mIt was a not very hopeful email that resolved the problem.

SBH Solutions has been strategically widening its supplier base and was able to design and source a solution for Health World. In this case, world expert HTS / Amptek manufactures specialist heating tapes and custom pipe jackets, and has linked up with SBH Solutions to support the Australian market.

Within a short period, a 200w insulated jacket with in-built thermocouple had been specified for the air filter on one of the clean room tanks to prevent process damaging condensation. When combined with a locally sourced PID controller, the installation has proved a real success in eliminating a previously intractable problem.

If you have a heating problem, why not contact us to see if we can assist to improve your productive efficiency, or improve on your existing process.


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