CASE STUDY - Dehumidifier Hire Crucial for Cold Room Dry Room

When a Commercial Dehumidifier broke down that was essential for storing moisture sensitive material at a large research facility, they called Humiscope for industrial dehumidifier hire.


BSA is a national contracting company known for its innovative solutions including energy sustainability, advisory, building automation and Internet of Things (IoT).  BSA is a one stop shop for designing, constructing, and maintaining the systems that make Australia’s buildings efficient, safe, and comfortable.   

Through its varied array of professionals, from highly skilled engineers and in house manufacturers to accomplished and expert project managers, BSA has established long standing relationships with myriad clients across Australia.

BSA’s ability to provide such high-end solutions and maintain well established relationships is through:


LIVING ITS VISION to be its clients’ indispensable partner for the design, delivery, and management of innovative asset solutions and,


WORKING WITH QUALITY third party organisations that also live up to the high-quality standards and skill set for which BSA is known.


BSA’s client, a large nationally recognised research facility in western New South Wales, had a dehumidifier breakdown. The system was installed in a commercial cold room by another company several year’s prior.

The cold room stores moisture sensitive material and a dehumidifier is crucial for maintaining precise temperature and humidity control by making the cold room, a cold dry room. The product being stored needs to remain in a consistent fresh state in an environment that is both cool and dry.

The Cold Room Dehumidifier was crucial for maintaining the integrity of the stored product

The wait for replacement parts would have been detrimental to the facility and its product

Humiscope Commercial Dehumidifier Hire Australia


Humiscope are experts in dehumidification technology. Their specialist expertise has seen them work with clients from a variety of sectors with Australia and overseas.

Neil Rattray, supervisor for BSA Orange, Bathurst, Dubbo and Central, contacted Humiscope.

“From the first phone call I made to you and to the follow-on communication, was perfect. Thank you.
— Neil Rattray, Supervisor - BSA

BSA has worked with Humiscope on several projects over the years, so when one of their clients was in need of expert dehumidification advice and equipment, Humiscope was top of mind.

Humiscope is a professional, reputable and long-standing company, so Neil knew they would be able to provide the best solution.

Neil contacted John at Humiscope and was impressed by John’s expertise and customer service.



John spoke with Neil to discuss the issue and was able to easily ascertain what rental dehumidification system would ensure the client’s cold dry room would run optimally until replacement part arrived.

Discussion Points:

  • Client’s business requirements

  • Main concern/issue

  • Dry cold room capacity

  • Dry cold room conditions

  • Current dry cold room climate

  • Ideal dry cold room climate

“I just want to say a big thank you for your efforts and help in getting the dehumidifier to Narrabri
— Neil Rattray, Supervisor, BSA


A 1125 Desiccant Dehumidifier was selected which produces and maintains a dry environment and works perfectly well with refrigeration systems.

Humiscope organised the system within 48 hours of receiving the request and delivered the system the following day.

Humiscope senior technician Andrew drove the dehumidifier 12 hours to western New South Wales where he installed the rental dehumidifier late that afternoon.

The following morning he met with Neil and the facility’s supervisor to run through the equipment handling and also offer advice on the most ideal system and set up for their specific needs.

“Andrew was fantastic! And the poor fellow had such a long drive there and back, given the conditions.
His commitment to getting the job done was impeccable.
He was brilliant especially given the flood situation and being away from his home with such uncertainty.
— Neil Rattray, Supervisor, BSA
Dehumidifier Hire for Cold Room Dry Room


Once the desiccant Dehumidifier was installed and the optimal temperature and humidity level set, the humidity in the affected dry cold room was lowered.

The fast turn around meant that the moisture in the cold room had not yet become an issue to the moisture sensitive material being stored.


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