Itech Corp Electrical Control Systems for Soil Remediation Project

Supplier: Itech Corporation
26 June, 2018

Itech Corporation recently provided electrical control systems for a soil remediation project at Orica Botany, NSW

The objective of the CAP Remediation project is to excavate the contaminated soil, remediate it in a soil washing plant and reinstate the site for future land use. Remediation involves;

1. Installing a Temporary Emissions Control Enclosure (TECE) over the contaminated site.
2. Excavating within the building.
3. Processing the soils in a soil washing plant.
4. Reinstating the site with remediated soil and disposing of the contaminants within a landfill.

In order to remediate within the TECE, two Emissions Control Systems (ECS) will be required to draw ventilation air through the enclosure work space and exhaust the resulting gases through activated carbon absorbers before discharging the purified air into the atmosphere via a stack.

Itech Corporation’s scope was the design, manufacture and installation of the control systems for the ECS’s which included; Rockwell Power Flex VSD’s at 315kW, PCVue SCADA and Mitsubishi Electric PLC’s.
Addition scope included the wiring of the TECE’s.

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